Bright horizons in horse nutrition build upon Hoffman's legacy

Posted on August 24, 2018

The latest Hoffman’s Horse Products lineup builds on a strong track record of innovation

It all started with a bag of mineral. Hoffman’s Horse Products has been a house hold name in the horse industry since 1997, when their mineral line showed up on the market.

Lorne and Marian Hoffman, in consultation with nutritionist, Bernie Grumpelt, developed a product that the equine world didn’t know it needed. Since then, the company has grown and evolved into a diverse and innovative company with the heath of the horse at the top of the priority list. From a single mineral product to the line of 15 different products on the market today, Hoffman’s takes a holistic, and innovative approach to equine nutrition.

High quality, high value

Hoffman’s started out as a family company, and still remains as one today. “One of our biggest focuses when it comes to equine nutrition is providing cool energy sources,” Kirstin Smith, granddaughter of the Hoffman’s, and Marketing Representative at Country Junction feeds explains. “By using low sugar and low starch feed ingredients, we are able to supply our consumers with those types of feeds.”

Maintaining energy levels in performance horses without causing behaviour expression of excesses energy has been a consistent challenge in the equine world. Sustaining a horse’s ability to build muscle and perform, without creating spikes in energy improves rideability, trainability and consistency. Hoffman’s chief nutritionist, Bernie Grumpelt has worked to design feeds that do just that. Hoffman’s has multiple products targeted at reaching energy and nutritional requirements, while maintaining the horse’s energy level.

The Pro Fat performance advantage

For instance, Pro Fat is one of many products targeted at performance horses. The product is specially designed to help horses maintain a strong, healthy body condition while under work, without causing the spikes in energy that traditions feed such as straight oats may cause. Products like Pro Fat are formulated and used by the exact type of people that they are intended to serve. Hoffman’s team includes ranchers, CFR champions and qualifiers, alike who stand by the product. “Our team uses all of the products that we sell," explains Smith. “We believe in the product so much that we choose those same products to feed our own horses.”

Developer is another product targeted at meeting energy and nutritional requirements in an effective manner. Designed for weanlings and yearlings, the feed is formulated to allow young horses to grow at a manageable rate, that ensures the proper development of bones and tissues. Nutrition is incredibly important in a horse’s formative years for multiple reasons. Proper nutrition is imperative for every type of development in young horses, from bodily growth to the proper development of their immune systems. Hoffman’s Horse Products and their nutritional team have done an outstanding job designing products to support each stage of life for equine athletes and counterparts, across the board.

Strong bang for buck

Hoffman’s is effective in terms of looking after your horses, however they also strive to be cost effective and easy on the pocketbook as well. “All of our products have low feeding rates," says Smith. “They are formulated to work in synergy with existing forages for the optimum combination of energy, protein and fibre, every time.”

Hoffman’s products work well in combination with hay and grass to get the most of out less expensive feed sources, minimizing the amount of supplemental feed required. By feeding Hoffman’s products, the horses are ideally able to utilize hay and grass more effectively in the gut. Low feeding rates make Hoffman’s products a cost-effective option for horse owners, when looking for feed supplements.

Ionophore free, antibiotic-free facilities

Hoffman’s has also always been driven to deliver a safe and nutritious line of products for horse lovers across North America. Their partnership with Country Junction Feeds has helped them strengthen that focus and take the next step. All of Hoffman’s products are milled in an environment that is dedicated to equine health and feed safety. All feed mills producing Hoffman’s products are proudly ionophore and antibiotic free environments.

“We have seen some issues with other companies finding horse feed being contaminated with ionophores recently,” Smith explains. “Moving to the ionophore free mills just seems like the thing to do moving forward.” Ionophores, sometimes used in cattle feed, are unsuitable for monogastric animals, including horses to consume. They cause a number of issues including weakness, uneven gait, colic and diarrhea, and can also can lead to death when consumed by monogastric animals. Hoffman’s strives to be a trusted name when it comes to equine nutrition, and moving to ionophore and antibiotic free feed mills is only one of the steps they take.

Multi-benefits backed by commitment to service

Across the board, the team at Hoffman’s Horse Products delivers a line of products that are effective on multiple levels. Horse owners can feed their line with confidence, knowing that the horse’s best interests are always put first. Deeply rooted in customer service, the tried and true brand has been an avid servant of the equine industry in North America, since it began with bag of mineral to be sent home with broodmares from Lorne and Marian Hoffman’s place, post breeding season.

Customer service and equine care is where the company came from, and still, to this day, is where Hoffman’s is headed. With Hoffman’s’ trusted team of experts, and the experience at Country Junction Feeds, the company continues to grow, and look for more ways to serve the equine world. Looking forward in a competitive equine feed market, Hoffman’s Horse Products continues to remain a relevant and economical choice for horse owners.